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Using Portable Kitchen Islands

Portable Kitchen Islands

When your kitchen area is crowded, it can be hard to find a solution that maximizes the space you do have without cluttering the area up any further. While kitchen islands are great versatile solutions in kitchens with lots of floor space, when you've only got a small area to work with, it can just make things even more cramped.

To avoid this problem, there are several different solutions. The first would be to consider using portable kitchen islands. A portable island can solve your overcrowding problem by giving you an extra work surface that's not permanently using up your precious space. Even better, most portable islands contain storage spaces under the work surface that can alleviate any crowding in your cabinets even while it gives you the extra countertop space you need. If even small kitchen islands take up more space than you have to spare, a portable island or cart could be the solution you're looking for.

Small Kitchen Islands Save Space

Small Kitchen Islands

If your kitchen is laid out in such a way that the best solution is a fixed island, but you're worried about getting a piece that's too large for your room, the ideal solution would be a smaller island. There are plenty of small kitchen islands for sale that are scaled for your space if you know where to look for them. For smaller rooms, smaller furniture is a must, and we at The Perfect Decor know that not all homes are built alike. So when you're looking for a space saver for a kitchen that's small, or even considering shopping for portable kitchen islands, The Perfect Decor is a great first stop. With our convenience of shopping at home and our huge selection of furnishings for every room in your house, there's no better place to start your search for that next piece of cabinetry on your quest to make your living space the most functional and beautiful place it can be.